Boys and girls of color remain underrepresented in the information technology sector. BROTHERS CODE seeks to expose these young people to coding and tech career pathways that will continue to be in high demand for the foreseeable future.


Brothers Code is an interactive, virtual event hosted on Saturday, December 11 from 10am-1pm PT during Computer Science Education Week. This event is part of the larger Hour of Code initiative in partnership with Kapor Center, focused on introducing people all across the world to the basics of coding education. During this 9th Annual Brothers Code event, young people of color from middle school to college are invited to join us to learn more about the skills and networks that can guide them to exciting opportunities and careers within the technology sector.

Additionally, we will also host a concurrent program for adults. We invite parents, guardians, teachers, administrators, counselors, champions, and any other interested adults to register and learn how they might support young people to pursue technology pathways.

All youth participants will have a chance to win an array of fun prizes, including sleek Dell laptops (courtesy of Nextracker Inc.), a signed Golden State Warriors James Wiseman Jersey and Klay Thompson Basketball, Twitch merchandise, Playstation Store gift cards, Google Nest Hubs, and more!

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm PT

Location: Online via Hopin


Student Programming

Students will practice basic computer programming; explore career opportunities and learn about education pathways that can lead to tech careers; investigate how technology to strengthen communities; and network with enthusiastic tech sector professionals.

Adult Workshops

Parents, guardians, or student champions will learn how to support young people to pursue technology pathways while also developing their own tech-skills.


In 2020, our 8th Annual Brothers Code event was hosted virtually, providing an opportunity for young people and adults of color from around the world to participate. Check out this Case Study to learn how we’ve been using Hopin to make our virtual experiences fun, including interactive workshops, raffles, and more.

Watch inspiring moments from Brothers Code in 2019 as we celebrated Computer Science Education Week alongside a host of young people, adults, and partners from our communities.


Gaining access to tech-pathways has never been easier. Check out these resources and plug in today.

The Congressional App Challenge team has put together a comprehensive document full of free resources that students can use to learn how to code from home. Their hope is that students can use these resources to sharpen their coding skills, learn how to collaborate virtually, and build apps that seek to better their communities in one way or another.


Learn to code and lead your intrepid crew on a mission to save The Cloud in TwilioQuest, a PC role-playing game inspired by classics of the 16-bit era. Free forever, and available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Learn Game Design and Development – For Free. Everything you need to make games from start to publish, all in one place. Powered by Unreal Engine.

Our core program is designed to teach students how to design and develop video games. Gameheads students (15-25) make bold, new interactive content pieces that are researched, designed, and executed by them and their peers.

In 2014, the United Negro College Fund founded HBCU Innovation – a national movement to drive innovation, entrepreneurship, and access for African-American communities in the worlds of tech and science. Through our I.C.E (Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship) and S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiatives, we have introduced hundreds of students to the giants of the tech world, created a pipeline of the next generation of young black innovators, and contributed to a culture that inspires students to disrupt industries and change their communities.

Telegraph Academy is the premier Software Engineering bootcamp for people of color underrepresented in tech. You’ll join a community of talented, tenacious individuals. Together, over 12 weeks, you’ll master the skills you need to launch your engineering career.

CodeHS is a comprehensive teaching platform for helping schools teach computer science. We provide web-based curriculum, teacher tools and resources, and professional development..

Treehouse is an online interactive education platform that offers courses in web, mobile, and business development. Its courses on web development and programming are aimed at beginners looking to start a new career, while its courses in business education and marketing teach students how to start and market a business in the technology industry.

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dshboard that empowers learners to study at their own.

TechPrep is a Facebook-led initiative, supported by McKinsey & Company and created for parents, guardians and learners who want to understand more about computer science (CS) and programming. It’s a collection of fun and interesting information, resources and videos tailored to a variety of ages and experience levels.




Brothers Code is hosted annually
by The Hidden Genius Project.
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